The Shelf Season XIV

The Shelf Season XIV

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7:30pm SHARP Monday 3rd, 10th & 17th April 2017
The Toff - Level 2 Curtain House, 252 Swanston St, Melbourne

The Shelf Podcast 2016 Episode 11

This is a massive 100 minute end of year wrap up podcast. Justin and Adam will spoil everything. Including that show with the robots that was on just this week. Mostly they're going to talk about how much they hated Suicide Squad. Favourite films, books, comics, tv shows and other malarkey from 2016. Look, it's two hours, the less time you spend reading this, the more time you'll have to listen.  

The Shelf Live

Hello Frequent Shelvers!

If you've been saving up your pennies for a Christmas Shelf, then we have some wonderful news for you. You can go out and buy yourself an extra gift! Justin and Adam can't quite make the dates work, so there'll be no Shelf until the 2017 Comedy Festival. There'll still be the occasional podcast for you to enjoy, and if you follow Justin on Facebook or Twitter, he puts up cute photos every day. This week it is Lego people.

Sorry if you've been wishing for more manic Mondays, but just think of how much better you'll feel at work on Tuesdays. 


The Shelf Podcast 2016 Ep 10

Major Snotty. Things from before you were born. The best things about Luke Cage. Smoother than smooth. Nailing Superman. Justin tries to explain to Adam what happened in Secret Wars, and bemoans Civil War 2. Vision 11 has hurt both of them. Doctor Doom: Bad Debt. Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor at the Pearly Gates. Samuel L. Jackson and Tim Burton.

The Shelf Podcast 2016 Ep 9

Adam feels like he's been in an abusive relationship with Melbourne, and is chased out of town by Paste-Pot Pete. Night and nighter. Sax careers. Justin's new record. Adam has been watching TV from the nineties, Frasier and Star Trek, and Justin has been watching cartoons, Bojack Horseman and Rick & Morty. Adam has been reading Invincible, while Justin is still loving Tom King, especially his run on Batman. Some deep love for Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol. Six degrees of Hot Gossip. Justin was disappointed by the movie Sully, which somehow becomes a new version of The Love Boat, and then descends into talking about comedians on boats.

The Shelf Podcast 2016 Ep 8

The mics keep cutting out on this one. Some repairs have been attempted, but it’s a bit annoying. Adam’s been to Melbourne to do a different podcast and Justin has gone full hipster. Adam is reading Saga (spoilerific) including talk of Y: The Last Man and Ex Machina. Adam has been watching Brain Dead, Justin watched Interstellar on his new TV, and Adam has to guess which scenes he’s watching (spoilwah). Does the Batman V Superman extended cut improve things (spoilerish)? More Affleck V Bale, Justin has seen The BFG, which causes some odd discussion of what constitutes a movie tanking, Rake and Cleverman are still impressing Justin, and there is much talk about the final episodes for Game of Thrones (spoilery spoily spoil spoil).

The Shelf Podcast 2016 Episode 7

Who’s your favourite in The Goodies, Justin’s instagram animals, Adam has watched London Spy (spoiler alert), Justin is totally into Rake (trigger warning), and they both love Cleverman, although Adam isn’t sold on Frances O’Connor’s very smooth face (elbow skin alert), Justin loves Kate Beckinsale and may be getting into fetish gear as a result, the disco Grammy, Lady Chiklis, Game of Thrones theories (spoiler alert and trigger warning), The Vision by Tom King, Batman by Snyder & Capullo, Batman Inc by Grant Morrison, Warcraft: the Beginning and Finding Dory.

Mr Bones in his Peaky Blinders Ecky Thump hat

Mr Bones in his Peaky Blinders Ecky Thump Hat

The Shelf Podcast 2016 Episode 6

Justin thinks he has thermometer poisoning, Adam spoils Unfollow (SPOILER), Justin has a domestic disaster, Sydney winter, Adam’s not entirely sold on the Preacher TV show, Mad Men, Lost, Law and Order, Justin has a proposal for a Walking Dead crossover, Ian McShane in Game of Thrones (LOTS OF MASSIVE SPOILERS and some nutty theories), Justin’s Mum and her strident opinions on Hans Zimmer, Man of Steel dick ships, Scott Snyder’s Batman, 2000AD Progs 1977-1983, Grant Morrison’s Heavy Metal, Aliens: Defiance, and Joffrey: Batman’s Greatest Failure.

If you want to play along at home, over the next few episodes we will discuss: 
Comic: The Vision by Tom King (ancillary reading, Grayson)
TV: Cleverman episodes 1 & 2 ABC & Sundance
Baptist Street in Autumn (Winter)

The Shelf Podcast 2016 Episode 5

Robot vacuum cleaners, The Sha-na-nas, nearly twenty minutes about X-Men Apocalypse (MANY MANY SPOILERS) including some very deeply nerdy discussion of John Byrne, Barry Windsor-Smith and Walt Simonson. Adam’s Brett Ratner conspiracy, including more derision of Batman V Superman and Man of Steel. Lots of comic talk including the new Steve Rogers Captain America comic (OUTRAGEOUS SPOILER) and DC Rebirth (DANCING AROUND A SPOILER). Justin’s Bento Box, Rove’s Condiments, Cap V Trump, Lost, The Good Wife, Preacher, Manga v Western comics, 2000AD & Judge Dredd (SPOILERS), why isn’t The Walking Dead TV show as fun as the comic, RIP True Detective, RIP Agent Carter, Big Food & Bejorj Clooney, Purple Rain and the Prince Illuminati conspiracy. A Goodbye Girl goodbye.

The Shelf Podcast 2016 Episode 4

Adam and Justin meet up at Justin’s house to talk about The Wicker Man, Blade Runner, Captain America (They both loved Captain America: Civil War, and the entire conversation is spoiler-free until GIANT SPOILER! Literally. You’ve been warned). The Brubaker & Phillips comic series, Criminal, Velvet, Ms. Marvel, Jessica Jones (the tv show and Alias comic), Justin’s new catchphrase and whatever happened to Gerard Butler? All this plus Hugh Jackman, Heath Ledger, Kelvin the Cactus and bad wanking. 

Kelvin in Gundagai

Kelvin in Gundagai

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